10.25.16CHEF Nepal

Today we got to visit Lila and the kids at Chef Nepal. They are all growing so fast that we couldn't believe it! They have moved into a new place so we are working on getting them an inverter and battery so that the power doesn't go out when electricity goes. We also decided the kids needed new beds, so the all got a brand new bed. These kids are the most adorable bunch and we loved spending the afternoon with them!


Today we drove out to Balthali and got to visit the school we built two years ago in Ladkeshwor. We spent the with the kids and also distributed clothing and school supplies. The building was in good shape but we decided it needed a paint job, so that will be happening next year. We are also going to work with Raju and the team to raise funds to hire two more full time and two more part time teachers to help with the education as well as to get the kids some uniforms. We will be focusing on this in 2017 and will be posting updates.

10.24.16Finally got to meet Ramesh in person!

Today in the afternoon we stopped by the hospital where Ramesh is recovering from his leg surgeries. He is the funniest, nicest kid ever and is very playful. We spent time with him and his father and dropped off some toys. He was in love with one of the motorcycle toys which was donated. He is in really good spirits and everyone in the hospital is very fond of him. We are also working with his father to find some land for the family to be able to build them a house with some of the funds we collected to help improve their quality of life. The property will be near one of the clinics where Ramesh will continue to receive physic therapy.

10.22.16MSH update

Made it to Nepal! We arrived yesterday and decided to relax in the afternoon since it took us one and a half days to arrivensure. Today we saw the kids at My Small Help and distributed a bunch of the donated clothing and school supplies and oh yeah, games and toys. The kids loved everything! One of the new volunteers spent time speaking with some of the older kids on empowerment and they really enjoyed it. We decided we will be taking some of the older kids out for a nice dinner later on the trip so that should be fun!

10.19.16Nepal 2016 begins today!

We are off to Nepal today. Can't wait to see all of the kids and to be able to meet Ramesh. Will be posting pictures once we return from the trip!

09.01.15FFGC heads to Haiti in September!

Some of the volunteers from FFGC have decided to head down to Haiti with donated items. We will be going down the weekend of September 25 and will be taking items to give to a couple of orphanages near Port Au Prince. We will also be documenting the trip as this is the first time FFGC is going to Haiti. If anyone is interested in joining us, please send us a message and we will provide all of the details.

08.19.15More items receiving in Nepal!

We are proud to announce that the second shipment of items has been received by MSH in Nepal. This makes over 800 lbs of donated items that have been sent to Nepal in the past six weeks. We are continuing to collect items and ship. We are also going to be planning another trip to Nepal in the near future, so stay tuned...

07.24.15Volunteers to pack more boxes to ship to Nepal

We are organizing a group of volunteers to help sort and pack boxes to ship to Nepal. We have collected over 2000 lbs of clothing, medical supplies and schooling materials and want to thank EVERYONE for their tremendous generosity. We will be posting pictures shortly.

04.29.15Collection going strong!

We are still raising funds via www.gofundme.com/friendsforglobalchange and collecting items to be donated so that we can send next week. Items include non perishable lightweight food (energy bars, ramen noodle soups, etc), tents, sleeping bags, tents, sleeping bags, and blankets.

We have also wired over $1000 to them so that they can buy food and medicine immediately before it runs out.

The kids are still scared, but they are hanging strong.

We continue to have daily discussions with them to ensure the situation is stable and to make sure we are shipping everything they need.

a HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped out so far!

04.27.15Nepal update

All of the children at MSH and CHEF are ok. They are scared because tremors continue, and they are starting to get sick since they have been sleeping outside in the cold and rain since there was some structural damage. They are also running low on food and medical supplies.

We are collecting funds at www.gofundme.com/friendsforglobalchange and we are collecting items to send next week (non perishable food, tents, sleeping bags, water purification tablets, and first aid supplies).

If you would like to donate, please reach out to us and we will coordinate for pick up.

04.26.15Earthquake Hits Nepal

A massive earthquake hit Nepal and most of the country was affected.... we will update with any information we get from the children as soon as we get it.

08.17.14Nepal trip and school opening planned

We are so excited to announce that the school is on pace to be completed in September. Some of the FFGC team members will be flying to Nepal in October to celebrate the opening of the school. We will also be collecting donations (clothing, hygiene products, and books) to take for the kids in Ladkeshwor, MSH and CHEF. If anyone is interested in donating or wants to go with us, please send us an email.

08.03.14Phase 1 complete

We just heard from the team in Nepal and phase 1 is now complete! The raw materials are being transported to the construction site and the foundation is being laid down. Please keep checking back for updates.

07.15.14School breaks ground in Ladkeshwor

FFGC is thrilled to announce that ground has been broken on the school we are building in Ladkeshwor. The school will serve over 100 kids and should be open later this year. Thank you to all who donated and who helped make this possible!

05.23.14Fundraising update

Just wanted to thank those who have donated and those who have been helping us collect funds. We are closing in our on goal and should have some very exciting updates in the next couple of weeks!

04.29.14Ladkeshwor project update

Just a quick update that things are moving well with the Ladkeshwor project. Due to the nature of this project, the Nepali education ministry will also be contributing funds towards the school. More details coming soon.

04.20.14FFGC to rebuild Ladkeshwor Secondary School

We are extremely excited to announce that we are currently fundraising to be able to rebuild the Ladkeshwor Secondary School in Nepal. The school has three main buildings, all in dire need of repair. The school houses 120 children, some of which walk over 3 hours each way just to attend class. We have been working with one of our local contacts in Nepal who has helped us select this location. We evaluated several potential schools to help out, and because of the location and the number of children that this school services, we decided that this one would make the most impact in the community.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help, please reach out to us via the "CONTACT" page.

04.16.14Tablet technology coming to Marybert School/MySmallHelp Nepal

FFGC received a donation of Samsung tablets which will be sent to Marybert School/MySmallHelp in Nepal. The tablets will be pre-loaded with educational software and will create a unique learning experience for the children. Marybert will be securing wifi connection and the tablets will allow the children to connect and further their educational reach. In addition, members from the FFGC team will be working with the educators to demonstrate how they can teach using the tablets.

04.15.14Next trip to Nepal is planned!

We are excited to announce that our next trip to Nepal will be thisending August. We will be breaking ground on a new school that FFGC is building. More details coming soon...

08.15.13Its that time of year...

Hey everyone, we know its been a while, and we apologize for not keeping the updates coming, but that will soon change. We wanted to announce that we have another trip planned to go back to Nepal. We will be going back the first week in October.

If anyone would like to help, we are collecting underwear, undershirts, socks, light winter clothing, and bed sheets to take over. We are also collecting funds so that we can purchase shoes while we are in KTM.

If you have any items that you would like to donate, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page.

Thank you for your continued support!!

12.02.12Back from Nepal

We are back from Nepal and proud to say that the trip was a huge success!!! We donated all of the tous and clothing that was collected and the kids loved all of it and were extremely grateful!!! We alao were able to purchase an inverter with a battery and some new lights for CHEF due to the donations we collected. The kids at both orphanages were also treated to holiday parties with plenty of goodies!!

We are now planning some follow up activities with both orphanages as well as with the childrens cancer clinic and will keep everyone posted.

Finally, we are also exploring dates for our next trip to Nepal in Spring 2013 so please keep checking back here for updates.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of those who have donated. It really makes such a huge difference!!!

11.17.12Off to Nepal today!!!

FFGC is off to Nepal again today. We cant wait to see all of the kids at CHEF and MySmallHelp. On this particular trip we are also going to help out one of the cancer centers in Kathmandu that helps treat children. Stay tuned for pictures and updates and a HUGE Thank You to everyone that donated...every bit counts!!!

11.12.12FFGC is traveling back to Nepal!!

Jorge and Vane from FFGC will be traveling back to Kathmandu, Nepal at the end of this week. This will be the third trip that FFGC takes to Nepal this year!! We are currently collecting winter clothing, thermal blankets, toys, and items to throw the kids at both orphanages (CHEF and MySmallHelp) a holiday party. We are also collecting cash donations to help purchase 20 new beds for the Children's Cancer Hospital in Baktapur, Nepal as well as some fresh paint to give the hospital a more child friendly feel. If you are interested in helping, please contact us through the "Contact" section.

11.06.12FFGC Meets with ambassadors in Nepal

FFGC was able to meet with ambassadors from several countries (including the US, Israel, Russia, and France) while in Nepal. We discussed some of the projects that we were supporting and ways to work together.

10.29.12FFGC travels with Salsa artists Tito Puente Jr and Marlow Rosado to Nepal

FFGC is bringing some friends along to Nepal!!! We will be joined by international salsa artists Tito Puente Jr and Marlow Rosado who will be headlining the Jazzmandu Festival. Both artists will be visiting the orphanages to help raise awareness and to spend some time teaching the kids music. Weeeeepaaaaaa!!!!

09.15.12FFGC is able to secure some funds from Samsung for CHEF Nepal

FFGC is proud to announce that Samsung has donated $1000 towards projects at CHEF Nepal. The funds will go towards purchasing much needed items such as beds for the kids, medical supplies, a water purifier, a fresh water storage tank, and for medical/dental check-ups.